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"connecting hearts" excells communication abilities, Empowers interactive connections & relationships with others and Develops a new, refreshing approach to the various experiences our lives are made of.

The practice of "connecting hearts" provides a refined language, which allows  to connect and express thoughts and emotions, in clarity, authenticity, focused inward and outward.

When we connect through/from our hearts, each experience and interaction becomes egoless, purified & clear from judgment, criticism, conditioning, separation and differentiations.

This form of communication will naturally result in creating closer bonds and embracing relationships .

This kit is an opportunity to practice these very skills.

During a session, the participants express and listen to large range of experiences, feelings and thoughts, 

These sharing sessions are opportunities to touch and be touched, learn and grow, in the deepest most profound way.

The kit contains:

* 72 cards
On one side of each card suggestion to a story, on the other side, creation of mandala (Drawing in a circle) painted by our circle participants (adults and children)

* Talking piece

How to practice?

In the beginning of each session one of the participants reads out loud the six intentions of heartfelt expression and attentive empathic listening (stated below).

The heart and core of each session lies on the story sharing process.

Therefore, when a story is told, it’s important to share it in 1st hand basis and from one’s own world and personal life experience.

The story shared can be any personal experience from events, memories, thoughts, emotions that came up intuitively.

Each key sentence or mandala, enable the participant to connect to a story from their lives and share it within the circle.

The Talking piece is held by the member that’s sharing a story. Its purpose is to clarify the beginning and end of the story.

On completion, the one who shared his story will pass the talking piece to the person sitting to his left.

The six intentions

1. Speak from the heart– Share your own personal story.

2. Listen from the heart – Practice a respectful accepting form of listening that's free of judgment, ego, the need to consult or give advice.
3. Be authentic – Share the story that comes up spontaneously, for what it is.
4. Keep the story brief and to the point – focus on the essence/heart of the story nature.
5. Discretion is essential – Create a supporting environment. The information that is shared in the circle remains in the circle.
6. Respect everyone – Even those who do not wish to share their story.

fundamental conditions for connecting hearts

Space– Create a comfortable inviting space and in accordance to the number of members.
Serene Environment – Turn off any external distractions that might draw your attention away (such as; Mobile phones, Television etc…)
Availability– Be present and attentive. Here and now. Try to let go/release any thoughts, concerns, worries, obligations you might have.
Listen from the heart– When a story is shared, do not interrupt, react, consult, give advice or respond in any way. Open your heart and listen.

Training suggestions- recommendations to methods of use

Training alone

You can practice by opening every day one card on either side- key sentence or mandala or the intuitive connection between them.

You can than either;

* Record yourself telling your story and listen to your recording.

* Write a journal.

* Create the story you remembered through art. (drawing/painting/ collage/modeling clay)

Describe in a new manner the memories, thoughts and emotions that came up.

Training session for two

For example- Couple, Parent-Child, Teacher-Student, Co-workers, Partners etc.

Training option 1 – Randomly choose one card from the pile. Using the same card, each one will share his/her story from their lives and experience.

Training option 2– Each one will openly choose one card from the pile that acts as the base of the story heshe chooses to share.

Training option 3– Spread the cards in front of you- key sentences faced up.

Each one will than choose one card from the pile with the key sentences to the story they wish the other person to share.

Training option 4– Spread the cards in front of you- Mandala faced up.

Choose one card that connects you to the story you wish to share with the others.

Training option 5– Choose a key sentence or mandala from the pile, through which, you wish to share a story about a relationship/interaction.

Group training

For example- Family session, Seminar/Workshops, Learning groups, Coaching sessions, company meetings, Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties…etc.

When working in a larger group, it’s highly recommended to appoint one of the members to serve as a Guide that leads the training session, connects between the circle’s members participating while keeping the optimal fundamental conditions and the 6 intensions (as stated above).

Training option 1– The guide randomly or openly chooses one card from the pile, which will act as the base of the theme addressed for the whole group

Training option 2– Spread the pile of cards- key sentence faced up.

In rotation, each member of the group chooses one card, through which they wish to share their story with the rest of the group.

Training option 3– Spread the pile of cards- Mandala’s faced up.

In rotation, each member of the group chooses one card, through which they wish to share their story with the rest of the group.

Conflict resolution training session

For example – Communities, Workplaces, Classrooms, Amongst friends, relatives, family members etc.

Training options – spread the pile of cards, Key sentences faces up.

One participant addresses a dilemma/conflict heshe wishes to address. One card that describes the heart and nature of the conflict in hand is chosen.

In rotation, each member of the circle shares a story from hisher life that relates/relays on the key sentence chosen.

During the sharing process, no one interrupt, consult or give advice.

Everyone is required to be present, attentive, listen from the heart and share a story when it’s the time to speak.

Upon completion, the one who shared his dilemmaconflict will conclude by sharing an insights

and understandings learnt from the session.

Closing a circle/training session

For best results, evolvement and quality learning, It’s highly recommended to endeach session with an important insight, enlightenment, reverberation (a repetition of a one key word or sentence) clear of judgment, criticism or need to consult that arose from the training session.

You can join hands in silence, close your eyes and think about the session.

“Connecting hearts” was developed and produced by Kochava Schneider and Sharon Adam

Both highly qualified and experienced Therapists, Life coaches and Instructors.

Further information, Specification and Ideas can be found on kochava's website 

Unique workshops and guided circles are available to order.